Mini Lab Puppies

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Updated on 10/3/15



Price change starting

for Missys, Blossom and Phillys litters.

 Mays and Sweetpeas litters are excluded...


See pictures below! please call or email me for more info!             

406-320-2045 or 

Click on photos to enlarge.

Here you can see the size of your puppy.

Miniature Lab puppies are ready to be shipped at 8 weeks of age and can be picked up locally at 7 weeks of age.

Males available:0

Females available:0

View our "adults 4 sale" page for available miniature labs. 

  Typical puppy prices below.



Fox red miniature lab puppies - $950

Black miniature lab puppies - $950

Yellow miniature labs  - $950

Chocolate miniature lab puppies- $950

Merle (very rare only from May) $1,150

White miniature labs $1,150