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I have a lot of people very interested in my puppies. I also have a lot of people who have already reserved puppies I apologize for things taking so long we are still working on getting everybody their puppy. Please bear with me, we will be trying one of our new younger females with a new younger male to get everybody their puppy please understand that this is completely out of our hands and we cannot make a female get bread. However we are doing everything we can.

Thank you all for your understanding and your patience.

I am waiting for our new female to come into heat and I will update everyone when she does

irFststchoice: SOLD

Second: SOLD


Fourth: SOLD

Fifth: SOLD



Please email for info:

Please note we do our very best to get everybody the puppy they are wanting and expect. But we cannot control how many puppies a female has or what color she will throw. We can estimate by past experiences as to what colors and how many our females typically throw.

Thank you for your understanding 🐾


 Puppy pictures below!!!

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See Miniature lab Breed Standard Here:

Miniature Lab puppies are ready to be shipped at 8 weeks of age and can be picked up locally at 8 weeks of age WITH prior appointment ONLY.



  Typical puppy prices:


Miniature Prices

Yellow all shades miniature labs  - $1300 

Chocolate minis $1300

Black minis $1300

Merle minis $1500

Spotted minis $1300