Miniature Lab Parents

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Miniature Lab Parents




Slim above. He is about 45 lbs and has that perfect, happy go lucky playful lab disposition. Slim also carries chocolate and merle.

"Sweet Pea" (Above pic and video below) is an adorable little mini lab female who weighs in at about 30 lbs. She is one of our smallest girls at this point and she produces really, really, nice, smaller pups. She will typically be bred to Kit for choc, fox reds, blacks and some yellows and to Willie for varying shades of yellow.


Philly (Video and Pic above ) Is our heftiest girl here. She is likely close to 48 lbs and is very happy and stocky built. She is not real tall, but is adorably sweet and outgoing. Philly is a Kit X Milly daughter and is a 2nd generation, 75% miniature Lab female.  

Blossom below! She is about 40# 16" tall

Below is a short Video of Missy and Blossom!

We no longer have May or Kit. They have both went to their permanent, full time family homes. We do still have some of their children so we are keeping the video for reference purposes.

"May" (in video below with kit) is a cute little parti miniature lab female. She can be seen in action on the video link below:  She is cute, fun, loves to fetch and play....she is at her new home now but we kept her son "Slim" to replace all of her great traits. Puppies from her and kit are really stout, and square. Their coats have been very nice so far with great, stocky bone structures and a pleasant disposition. We hope to be blessed with the same from Slim.


Missy is a very sweet sweet girl. Missy is between 40-48 lbs and that perfect, Medium sized dog. She is kind and is a good momma. Missy will throw blacks and yellows when bred to the right male.