About my puppy

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What comes with my puppy?

All of our puppies come with first set of vaccines typically a parvo shot and then a parvo distemper mix. Puppies also have their first set of dewormings. all of our puppies come with a two-year life-threatening genetic defect guarantee. 

If your puppy is being shipped it will come with a crate, health certificate as well. All of our dogs and puppies have been very healthy and continue to be.


What size will my puppy be?

All of our puppies range in size. But they all typically get to be 35 to 48 lb. Some may be smaller and unfortunately some maybe just a hair bigger. Size also depends on bone structure. And if your dog is underweight or overweight so it is very difficult to predict exact weight. but this has been the reports and all of our adult miniature Labs have been this size.


Is a miniature lab a dwarf?

No our Miniature labradors are not dwarves, a lot of purebred miniature lab are considered dwarves as they have been bred poorley to create the smaller size, that is one of the major factors as to why we decided to breed out instead of keeping the Miniature Labradors pure. Although we have strived to keep are Miniature Labs high-percentage Labrador retriever and keep all the great temperament and looks that we all love and still keeping them healthy.