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We can not ship to canada but can ship to a U.S. airport near the border. 

Standard shipping Cost:$475


About Shipping.........(Via the airlines)

#1 QUESTION: Does it traumatize puppies to be shipped on a plane?

Short answer: NO!!! 

Longer answer......not that we have ever experienced. Honestly...our puppies are used to people, they are used to seeing and hearing different things. They may not know what all those weird sounds are but that is not going to shake who they "are". Make sense? Our puppies LOVE people! So when they see their new family on the other end of the journey, they are often very eager to climb right out into the arms of their new family. Some are a little more reserved and just leaving them in the crate and allowing them to come out on their own works and so does gently reaching in and getting them out. Either way.....puppies do love to be cuddled. ;o) 

We do ship puppies: However, it is a process which takes time, planning, and careful organization. We have VERY limited airline options here in MT. actually we are down to two airlines that ship pets from our airport. One of those two does not ship very many places. :O(  Delta airlines does go to many destinations but is not without its own set of quirks as well. Weather plays a HUGE role in shipping. If it is too hot (85 deg) or too cold (typically below 10) I can NOT ship.This is airline policy, not mine :O( UNLESS I can use Continental (United) or Alaska. Alaska primarily flies out West. I can use Great Lakes to connect to Continental and Frontier when it is over 85 or below 10 and when nothing else works but that is 3hours each way and an early a.m. flight so it requires staying over the night before shipping. Sigh......

I am willing to ship puppies but only if you help me out by following these simple rules.

Rule # 1) "I" need to choose the shipping date. Typically this date will be on or just after the puppies' 8 week birthday. I wait to book flights until 1 week prior to shipping. This is mostly due to the fact that airline flights change regularly, and most airlines will only book flights 1-2 weeks prior to shipping date. Weather also varies so much in both winter and summer, so it is a waste of time looking or booking flights more the 1 week out. My vet is ONLY open Monday through Wednesday. Health Certificates only last 10 days so we try to see the vet as close to the shipping date as possible in case there is a shipping delay. IF YOU REFUSE THIS DATE YOU WILL BE CHARGED A $100 MINIMUM FEE TO SHIP ON ANOTHER DAY! If I do not hear from you within 3 days of your missed payment and contract deadline, you will forfeit your puppy!

Example: payment including shipping is due 4/1. I do not hear from you (no payment, no contract) and it is now 4/ no longer have a puppy reserved with us and you lost your deposit.

Rule # 2) I Choose the flight. (please do not go searching for flights and send me recommendations. This is typically NOT helpful even if you may think it is) I NEED AT LEAST 2 major airports in your area. Look up to 2 hours from your home and be willing to make the drive if nessesary. In all fairness, please understand that I live 1.5 hours from the airport. I have to be at the airport 2.5 hours (minimum) prior to departure. So for me to ship on the 6:30 a.m. flight, this requires me to get up at 2:15 a.m. to RUSH around getting puppies out to potty, run, getting kids up, ready to go ect. to leave by 3:00 A.M to arrive at the airport by 4:00 A.M. I really just can not do those early a.m. flights and still take care of all of my other responsibilities here at home. :o( 

The 7:30 a.m. flight is not much better. On rare occasions when we have several to go at once or if a puppy can not make the later flight connections,or if an early flight is absolutely nessesary for heat restrictions (summer time) we will stay over in town. We do not do this very often however as it can be difficult with young puppies in the house. Momma dogs need let out regularly. I just don't have any other drivers or people available to do these things. If staying over is required, you will be charged $150-$200 extra for shipping so that I can pay someone to assist me in either shipping or taking care of the animals as well as to help cover hotel costs.



Rule # 3) Payment in full including shipping is due 1 week prior to shipping date.This is ABSOLUTELY nessesary because I have to transfer funds from Pay Pal to my checking account in order to pay for shipping. This takes 2-4 business days.   

Rule # 4) Check your email. If you contact me via email, please check your email regularly. Comunication is VERY important! This is often my only way to contact you in case there is a problem.

Rule # 5) Be prepared to promptly email me the proper information when I request it. In addition, please be flexible on airport pick up! An alternate is very nice to have in case things do not go as planed. Not all airlines ship pets, nor do all airports accept pets. We can not just assume yours does or that my carriers will fly into your first choice. Please be flexible!

Rule # 6)  It is your responsibility to be sure payment is in on time.

If you can agree to these terms then I can work with you on shipping your puppy.


Shipping ~ How it is done:

1) I will search and book your puppies flight. I have to coordinate flights for several puppies at one time so "I" will do the booking. (Please do not try to help me by searching flights online. This is a waste of time)

2) I will take your puppy to the vet, get its health certificate and get the shipping crate - Pet taxi. (This is yours to keep)

3) I will then take your puppy to the airport, check him in and pay for the flight. Puppies are shipped as cargo. This area is pressurized and is the same temp as the cabin. The temperature restrictions are because of the time it takes to put the puppies on the plane. During that time the puppy will be out and exposed to the elements on one of those luggage carts. The exception is with Alaska and Continental (United) that hand deliver puppies to the planes.

4) You go and pick up your puppy (typically at the cargo area but CALL the number I provide for specific directions) at the airport.




PUPPIES GOING EAST TYPICALLY ARRIVE BETWEEN 9-11:58 P.M if they are not picked up by a kennel service midway.

PUPPIES GOING WEST TYPICALLY ARRIVE BETWEEN 1-9:30 P.M. usually kennel service is not necessary going West. Puppies going to Alaska can be an exception.



****Shipping Rate******* as of 9/24/2018:Rate is $475 

please see exceptions below:


OVERNIGHT KENNEL SERVICE: We can sometimes use an overnight kennel service to pick up your puppy 1/2 way on the route and keep it overnight so that you can pick up your puppy earlier in the day following the original shipping date. This will often result in a MUCH nicer "time" of day for pick up. This service ranges between $100-$200 depending on the kennel. Plese let me know if you are interested in this service when you respond to the shipping notice.






Located in Central Montana, we typically ship out of Billings